2012 New Study – The Europeans work too little.


Today I have read an article about a new Study from the World-Bank-Group where they means that the Europeans have to work more so that we have a steady growth of our Economy because currently it seems that we have a falling within our Productivity. The Study shows also that Europe become a Lifestyle-Super-Power from the whole Human-History and that though the real-income is 25% less than in the USA.

Further the World-Bank-Group say’s that Europe supports more the Social Network, Pensions & Unemployment-Insurance as the rest of the World which is in the eyes of the World-Bank-Groups in our current Crisis-Situation affordable. Also Europe loose more and more on Competitiveness. By not changing the Worker-, Immigration- and Pension Policy In the next 50 Years Europe will loose ca. 1 Million Worker per year.

So what does this Study shows?Place yourself in the shoes of others - Equal Money System - Desteni

First and that is clear that our System do not really work – the following is if we give a fuck on our Social Network the System will run better. The more people we make Slaves so that they will work around the clock the less freedom we have the greater the System will shine – like the Slogan from the World-War2 – WORKS BRINGS FREEDOM.

Another point to Discuss is – Why do Humanity believe that Competition is necessary for a real effective living. Competition is an outflow of our EGO – so called an inner fight against life – to show others that I am better than you. We have to realize that exactly Competition has created and still creates this immense of Abuse here on Earth. An simple and easy way to change this is that Humanity learns how to live & work together within the Life-Principles as Oneness & Equality as What is best for all.

It is always talking about we need a steady growth in our Productivity – we produce so much Stuffs which no one really needs – from all kinds of Products we have thousands of different Brands.

Is this what makes a better Life for all???

Why not working on 1 Brand for 1 Product – a Brand which is in the highest Quality what is possible and where everyone has access to it. On that way Competition will no longer exist and also Brands will no longer exist. This is a way which shows that we take really care on Life.

To make this Example real we have to start to change our total Economy System. We, as Earthlings must realize that all our Current Systems will never work for the benefit of all. As long we do not change our Systems to 360 degrees starvation, slave-labor and poverty will endure. And as long this endure it is something wrong with us – Humans. Can you grasp this point????

How can we really say that we as Humans are Life when we let Life starve to death???

Real Life will always take care on each other otherwise it is not Real Life but a fucking Abuser which abuse Life so that only the one with Money can have a blissed Life no matter what happens to others. And I am sure the real Abusers will always find a way to justify his own position and if you are this kind of person – and we can really say there are not much people on earth who take really care on Life – I can say you through my own experiences that you are just a slave of your Mind-Fantasy-World called EGO which follows only the Self-Interest which the mind vomit out.

And so here one can see that the whole System which is running here on Earth is based on each individual Human being – in fact the Human is the System, a System which allows abuse and thus the Human is the abuse. We keep it alive through our participation & believe that it is ok how it is but it isn’t because it is against Life. All are blessed with Common Sense but none are using it.

It is obvious to me that many people have not yet taken the time to see Life from this point but exactly to this point we have to come. It is in our Responsibility to see the Life with open eyes and not through our Mind-Bubble-Fantasy-EGO-Self-Interest-World.

The Destonians already preparing a new System which works for the best of all. Many years ago we started to exploring the Life-Principles Oneness & Equality and we come to this conclusion that only living & practicing fully this Principles from Humanity itself we will make a real change and therefore we work on System called Equal Money System which will support all Life to understand and live practically this Principles so that in the End all Life will live in Dignity together.

Join us and lets get this done until it is to late – the suffering is growing WorldWide and it is simple a question of time when you or your Family are the next ones. Lets Vote for the Value of Life because that is what we are – all together as One & Equals.

Thank you





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