2012 Self-Religion as the Reason of Religions and Abuse


Self-Relgion as the basic of Religion and Abuse - RIP




Why do Religions exist? Would Religions exist when there is no Human? What will remain when Humanity do not exist? Reality or our Thoughts, Feeling & Emotions?

A Religion exist because of a Believer. This Believer maybe is searching for answers but he has lost his way by looking on points which are not real but started to creating some Imaginations/Ideas/Illusions/Deception about something. One believe for instance what another Believer had said or what one have read in books or believe in some thoughts what running around within oneself. But not all thoughts because the other ones with the shining as the darkness & evil one believe that this must be the devil or a demon and best to hide it or praying to some illusionary things for help – but which is on that way also a belief.

And this is the basic of Self-Religion. Self have created something illusionary called thoughts, either positive or negative it doesn’t matter and connected to emotions and/or feelings and allow it to exist within oneself and thus within this world is in end-effect the representation or Religion. In fact the mind as thoughts, emotions, feelings do not really exist – they have no real substance – it is so called a subjective perspective – it is an self-truth or putting in other words a Lie – and lets see why and how thoughts have created our world?

A Truth is something where everyone can realize it equally like our physical existence – our flesh – every body can touch it and see it. A Belief can in that way never be real because no-one can see it – and lets take on this way now a look on the many different Gods or Goddesses like Jehova as the jewish-christian god, Jah from the Rastafaris, Allah from Muslims, Shiva & Shakti from India, Haile Selassie I from Rastafarism, Zeus from Greek, Aphrodite from Greek, Pan from Greek, Anubis from egypt, Buddha from Tibet, Mongolia & China, Wotan or Odin from germanic, Amma from east-africa, Rangi & Papa from the Maoris, from Aztec Ometecutli, Gaia & Uranos from Greek, Izanami & Izanagi from Japan, Purusha & Ishvara & Brahma from India, Pangu from China, Seth & Thoth & Horus from Egypt, Kinich Ahau from the Mayan’s and many many more – are they really real – have anyone seen something/one from those Gods & Goddesses – or are they just a fantasy creation/idea of something for what humanity has no answers or maybe also fear to look deeper to see the answer and therefore as an excuse we have created something illusionary so that we are able to say “No I am not Responsible for it – it was God”.

And a fascinating observation is also that we give not only God the Responsibility/Guilt for something – No -  we blame others for our emotional reaction. YOU make me crazy – YOU make me angry – YOU make me sick – We are not even able to take Self-Responsibility for what happens within ourselves. It is so clear and simple Common Sense that when I experience or participate in an emotional reaction of anger that thus I have a Problem within my Self-Religion with something or someone and thus I am the Problem and nothing else.

So from this Beliefs which is our Self-Religion because it exist & is stored as past ideas/interpretations/believes just in ones own little mind-bubble world called ego which we share then with other peoples or make them believe about something then it exist in another ones own little mind-bubble world too we have created this world – and the Beliefs & the Faith of/for something is our driving power as the basic of our doings. And from taking not Self-Responsibility from each and every single human for what we have created or just accepted and allowed to exist as our illusionary outflow many people must starve to death, leading & participating in wars, allowing extreme exploitations …… – this is the Consequence of it – as the whole thing as One like One World and thus One Life. And further if one can see we have it nearly managed to destroy this planet and thus the living on it in all corners & curves.

And on that point we can see that our greatest and highly praised Self-Religion is Money. This Self-Religion has the most participants. And because of so much participants of a participation of illusion of Inequality – which seldom one has questioned it – we live purely a nightmare where abuse & criminal is on the daily agenda. We all are the criminal minds because the mind itself is criminal – it plays out just an Illusion – and we follow it blindly.

Our Responsibility is it to Stop our Self-Religion and become Real here – Real as Equals as One in a way what is best for Life as what our real Nature of Life is. No tree has ever judged the neighbor tree or a different kind/race of tree – only humanity live this Deception/Stupidity through ones own Self-Religion.

Stop your Self-Religion and support an Equal Money System – a System which is based on Reality and taking care on everything what is Real here – nothing will be left behind. But Illusions will have no place there because it is Life that matters.

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Thank you


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