2011 Equal Money – Where Life begins


In our current money system we have built up limitations over limitations.

All how we  express ourselves is based on money -

if you have hobbies like mountain biking or juggle or cooking or ….. you need money -
if you want to fly to india for making exeat you need money -
if you need to eat and drink you need money -
if you have to pay your electricity bill you need money -
if you want to learn/study massage you need money -
if you want to study medicine or economy or …. you need money -
if you want to feed your baby you need money

…and this list will find no end ….

How one can see we have not really a Life in our self-accepted money system because we have allowed to be addicted in money all along the day. But this is not the only point of why we currently do not really live.

The other point is that noone here on earth do really know anything about Life itself therefore we have a lot of religions, cults, cultures, war, child-abuse, ….. but in fact some points are really simple to understand – just using common sense – the necessity after understanding is to live it and here humanity stops because it means that one must break out ones behavior-patterns and start to change himself as an Self-Responsible human.

Humanity like it more to fall in addiction like consumerism to feed ones self-intersets because then one has a deflection/distraction for ones own self created, accepted and allowed abusive inner world which refelcts to the outer world.

We hide our fears & anxieties through consumerism but those fears do still exist and thus they still manipulate and controll us who we handle in this world. When we look deeper in any kind of emotional reactions one will see that they do not really exist in our Reality – they are just energetic patterns within ones little self-created illusional & deceptive world and thus one do not see Reality who it really is.

Equal Money will support all of humanity to see, realize and understand how each one have created this life here on earth – what effect & consequence thoughts, feelings & emotional reactions have in our daily life and what it means to be a real effective & trustworthy earthling which take care on all Life equally.

Equal Money support also every-body to have a dignified life – abuse in any why what so ever will be no longer allowed – neither addictions nor harming each others. We are all as One here on Earth as Equals and only our Ego have separated us from the inhernet Nature of Life as Equals.

Imagine a Life where all Life live not side by side but toghether and all take care on each others. We correct & create us all as real Care-Actors as the Life-Principles of Oneness & Equality as What is Best for All – a new birthing in the physical existence will happen. Each One will express himself in what one really like to do and being no longer parochial & limitated through believes and ideas of Life.

All will walk as a Self-Responsible Earthling without any secrets because secrets was always the beginning of abuse. The secret mind will stop and real Life will beginn.

Stand up for Life, take Self-Responsibility and be an 1 Vote for World-Equality & an Equal Money System.
Support the Equal Money System and the Equal Life Foundation and lets get this done.
Use your Choice to be for Life and not against.





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