2011 Equal Money will blow your Fears away


Equal Money - Where all Living Beings are cared for

Maybe you experienced it when you walk alone offside the street and you see one person coming towards you – in the beginning you look to the person but while the person comes closer slowly an emotional reaction of fear or uncertainty in connection with some thoughts arise within yourself and you are no longer able to look this person… Weiterlesen

2011 Equal Money – Where Life begins


In our current money system we have built up limitations over limitations.

All how we  express ourselves is based on money -

if you have hobbies like mountain biking or juggle or cooking or ….. you need money -
if you want to fly to india for making exeat you need money -
if you need to eat and… Weiterlesen

2011 Are People Free to Celebrate different Cultures or Religions? Equal Money FAQ


Equal Money System - Real Love, Real Peace , Real Freedom,



Are people free to celebrate different cultures? What/Where is the Line of Religion?

Lets first take a look on some Religions, what they do or for what they stand and why they exist at all?

Major Religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jewry & Buddhism and many more. They all exist because humanity searched for answers about Life and… Weiterlesen

2011 Isn’t it Wonderful to be here on earth?



I have been here now 29 and a half year and I can say – NO – it isn’t wonderful to be here on earth.

But Why? – What is Reason for it?

If one claim that living here on Earth in our current World-Situation is wonderful – those are definitely Abusers because they allow the extensive abuse what… Weiterlesen

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