2011 Isn’t it Wonderful to be here on earth?



I have been here now 29 and a half year and I can say – NO – it isn’t wonderful to be here on earth.

But Why? – What is Reason for it?

If one claim that living here on Earth in our current World-Situation is wonderful – those are definitely Abusers because they allow the extensive abuse what we have created – how can one say or believe that everything is wonderful while having on each corner war, poverty, starvation, child-abuse, child-prostitution, Slave-Labor, Power-Holders – those are with money which try to manipulate his environment, Religions where each one claim for their Validity where it is obvious that there is no God and no forgiveness for our sins but here is Humanity where each and every single Human is Self-Responsible for our current World-State and there is only Self-Forgiveness which we have to apply for all our Sins – for all the intense abuse what we have created, accepted and allowed to exist within ourselves and thus within this world.

How can it be Wonderful to see the oceans where many races of fishes are closed to die out?

How can it be Wonderful to see Slaughter-Houses where Animals become brutal killed only for the greed to eat meat?

How can it be Wonderful to see soil-contaminated Waters and the surrounding villages can’t no longer use the products of it for their own basic needs?

How can it be Wonderful to see Children on the street – daily fighting for their survival because Humanity do not really care about all life equally?

How can it be Wonderful to see Animal-Shelters because of Humanity has built up this World only for their own Self-Interest and gave a fuck of the rest living beings like Animals or Plants here on earth?

How can it be Wonderful to see Racists & Patriots where they fight against other people only of the BeLIEf that this is their land?

How can it be Wonderful to see in the eyes of starving people?

How can it be Wonderful to eat and known in the background that others have nothing to eat?

How can it be Wonderful to see places here on earth where people exploit the earth only for their own greed for making profit?

There is a way out of all this inhuman and unacceptable Creation but it isn’t death.
It is taking fully Self-Responsibility for our existence because of the Self-Realization that there exist only one earth and thus one Life and that all Life is Equal.

Our different values what humanity gave things are not Real – they are subjective and exist only in ones own Mind – if you wanna call it that in ones own bubble, fairy tail, secret-place or little world – separated from the One World.

STOP & CORRECT your own little World, your judgements, your different values, your BeLIEfes, your patterns & habits and you will see Reality as it really is – One & Equal as all Life what exist.
Only because of this Illusions we have created and accepted this earth as it is.

Life itself would never abuse Life – so know the ulitmate question?

Who & What are you?

Someone who follow only his beLIEves and Self-Interests and thus give a fuck of the rest

- or -

Someone who Stop & Correct himself and his Self-Interests because of the realization that each one is the Solution for a better world and Dignified Life – thus start to direct himself in practicing Equality as what is best for all Life and work for real practical Solutions to support each other until abuse in any way what so ever do no longer exist – because then we have the prove that we all are LIFE as EQUALS.

…. and that’s what we do on Desteni - the Equal Life Foundation

We are the so called brave hearts because we dare to see with open eyes – we dare to see what we all have accepted and allowed within ourselves and within this world – and we are fully Self-Willed and Self-Motivated to stop this bullshit with all our power what we are as Life until all get Life back as who we really are and that all live a Life in Dignity together.

The main-part is our Money System – we have already prepared an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM which works in all ways for the benefit and the best of all – no one will be left behind.
It is a daily growing of people who realize that it is time to make a real effective and sustainable change until it is to late.

So, Join us and get rid of your Wonderful Pictures and see Life as it really is and do everything what is necessary to stop your accepted Abuse !






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