2012 Why Ascension will bring no better World for all


Ascension brings no Equality - Equal Money for all - Matti Freeman

The Winter in Europe became very hard. Within the actual stand there are more than 200 People who frozen already to death and of course not to forget that there are thousands of people who starve to death each days and children who must work as prostitutes for their survival and so and so forth.

Is this a worthy living for Earthlings? Is this what all as Humanity have chosen to want to live?

What is with those people who think they are a good person and work on oneself and try to fart them into higher dimensions? Are you really a good person if you take in fact only care on yourself and on your belief that you are a good person and you will ascend into higher dimensions in 2012?
Have you ever questioned the point of higher Dimension and why they should exist or rather if they really in Real exists?

The light-workers & all Believers are nothing different to all the people who falling in the trap of Capitalism because those all have missed one point in life as what life really is. We all sit in the same boat and before we can call ourselves Life we have still a lot of things to realize and to practice.

How can it be that the life will be different in so called other dimensions when we still here struggle with our Life. How can it be that Life will be worthier when we still here let people starve to death, freeze to death, Re-Acting emotionally to our environment &judging others because of how they live instead of supporting them in Real with a practical Solution which works for everyone & everything fine. Not being proud of yourself when you give a homeless a bit money – this isn’t really taking care – this is just feeding your ego so that you can say I have given my money to someone because I have enough.We have to ask ourselves what is Life ? What is Real Life? Is Life something what I cannot touch and share equally with others like my thoughts, believes, ideas, interpretations, definitions of something or someone, feelings, emotions …. or is Life what I can real share here equally with everyone like the physical?

Through all our fucked up believes we have separated ourselves so far away from Life – from Reality itself that we have created alternative Realities which exist only in our Mind-Consciousness System but not real here. And the whole crew of Earthlings had done and still do this in simple participating and following the inner voice and not realizing that by following the inner voice we become slaves of the inner voice. By allowing and accepting the inner voice we have lost our self-direction as our physical body.

To believe that in December of 2012 we will ascend in a higher level of consciousness means only that we give a fuck of what currently exist which means also the following that we still accept and allow the mass abuse & criminal acts against Life here on earth and thus within ourselves. This Reality in what we live is only the Reflection of our inner world – as inside so outside – as above so below.

It is in our Responsibility what we chose & the only choice what we can really make here is for what we/each stand – against or for Life. And if one decides to standing for Life one will do normally everything practically so that all Life get treated as Life – as Oneness and Equality so that every physical body become treated in Dignity. And this happens only when each one of us direct himself in all points and way to & as what is best for all.

The only Law of Life is taking care on Life equally and do what every is necessary & real effective and sustained that this happens in a global/universal scale. And this process starts by oneself so that Equality is lived in all ways and situations and through walking this process and sharing it with all.

Sharing the bullshit believes about 2012 and the great ascension or any other stuffs about love & light & praying & gurus …. is the same like the SS in WW2 said “It is time for a shower”. This is brainwashing on a really high level and in the end you accept & allow unnecessary suffering because of not taking Self-Responsibility for Life and seeing Life with open eyes. Only Common Sense and practical Work with the physical is required to make this Chance.

Humanity is driven by fear – fear of surviving – fear of loosing something or someone – fear of death – fear of suffering – fear of being not loved …. – and therefore we create many excuses for our stand and for and for not taking Self-Responsibility for Life and the belief in 2012 and in ascension is one of it. A Belief is always based on hope and the believe on an ascension on 2012 shines so bright and beautiful that one become blind for not seeing Reality as it really is. Reality to see as what we all have it allowed to exist is not nice & beautiful but it is the current state of Humans development. And this all we, each one must face to make a real change. We must admit through realizing it that we have this all created, accepted and allowed and from here we have to stand up and take Self-Responsibility.

The Group Desteni as the Destonians and the Equal Life Foundation took action on that point through applying the practical tools like Self-Forgiveness and living Self-Honesty to make first a change in oneself and then supporting the whole World as One in the Life-Principles of Oneness & Equality. We already working on a real practical sustained & effective Solution on a Global Scale which works without exception for the best of all – The Equal Money System.

Join us http://equalmoney.org

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