2012 Is the Law against Healing-Methods for Cancers? – About Burzynski & Hamer


Humanity is the Problem and thus the Solution - Equal Money System - by Cathy Krafft



Dr. Burzynski is a medical Doctor in Mexico. In the end of the 70′s he found/created a successful Cancer-Treatment. He found out that some peptides and metabolites are different between cancer-free and cancer-diagnostic peoples. So he created a combination of the peptides & metabolites from the health people called Antineoplastone which works close with approximately 100 genes together. In his clinic a lot of Research was made and they saw that there is no side-effect of this Cancer-Treatment. He already supported a lot of Patients successfully with this Cancer-Treatment. By the most people the cancer was gone fast away and come never back and stayed thus cancer-free. A clinic trial shows that patients which became treated with radiation & chemotherapy the successful cure is around 9% and by patients which became treated only with Antineoplastone the successful cure is around 25%. This shows definitely that the Cancer-Treatment from Dr. Burzynski is much more effective than the radiation and chemotherapy and further radiation & chemotherapy has definitely an unpleasant side-effect like leukemia, kidney & liver failure and much more.

Dr. Hamer is the founder of the germanic new medicine and he practiced this technique in Europe – he found out that our current Treatments no matter in which areas are not really effective for humanity because the classic medical school treat only the Outflows/Consequences/Indication/Symptoms and take seldom a look “behind the scenes” where the root of all this Indications & Symptoms comes from. Dr. Hamer works with the so called “5 Biological Laws of the Nature” and saw within that that every physical Indication has an Cause. Also he was very effective by practicing this Method and support a lot of people in there cure-process successfully. To practice the germanic new medicine means that our complete Medical System must be new-structured because the it works more holistic – it find the most causes of Diseases in our behavior and reactions to our environment. When the causes are removed the cancer or other Indication will be go away.

So what happens In both Cases, Burzynski & Hamer became and still become attacked from different Parties, Companies, Government & Institutions. By Burzynski it starts with the pharmaceutical Industry and further the FDA. They tried to sentence him because of applying Remedies which are not proofed by the FDA, though he already had a lot of successful cares. And similar things happened to Dr. Hamer – the government has withdrawn his license as Doctor and they put him also in jail because of exercising not acknowledged Methods which one will see by studying the germanic new medicine that it has also no side-effects or is using some chemicals or something like that – it is similar to drinking tea or with Self-Forgiveness. They have done this just because of not acknowledged from some Institutions & the Government which further means that noone can make money with and from it.

Most Institution make Humanity believe that they are just here to take care on Life and to support Life but when we look behind the scenes obviously we will see that everything what we handle here on earth has something to do with money and some people make really a lot of profit through the stupidity & irresponsibility of humanity. What Burzynski & Hamer happens is the silent war behind the scenes where only money plays a role. I suggest by studying Hamer & Burzynski you do not let manipulate yourself from various sides & judgments from the Internet – watch and read just with common sense and see the facts what is really involved in it so that this could happen.

Money is our Self-Religion God. We made Money to our God through our illusion of believing in values and through our inability to stand as Self-Responsible Earthlings here. We have created a world where those with Money have all the power and those without are just the slaves but also those with money are in fact nothing else as slaves – slaves of their own believes. Through our Self-Religion Money become all and Life nothing because of living out just Inequality.

The Realization that everything what is real here is Equal as One like One Earth as One Life will give us the real Life as what we really are. The Realization that we all are equal Responsible for our World with all Events will make us to them what the real Nature of Life is – and then by living practically the Principles of Life we will start to take really care on Life as Equals and we will no longer be driven, manipulated and enslaved by our believes and Ideas about something. Then what Burzynski & Hamer have created will be free for everyone and all can use it as support in there process of Life as a support for the physical expression as what we are.

As long we all take not Self-Responsibility for what we have created, accepted and allowed to exist what is against Life people will and must suffer unnecessarily like what now & here happens on Earth. You become only supported by the Health Care System when you have Money. You get only food & water & shelter when you have money which normally should be a birth right for everyone and not let one standing outside in the cold and saying no you can not entry because you have no money and further this is my Home. This is not you Home or the Home from anyone else – it is the Earth which allows you to stay here with the condition that you take care on it. Do you?

The Radiation & Chemotherapy costs a lot of money and when someone comes up with a product which costs not so much money or maybe each one can by knowing it applying it for himself someone will be against it because of not earning money from it. Ones own greed is thus not fulfilled under the capitalistic sun – and by observing humanity one will see that we all are in some points greedy which is just the shadow of our fears – maybe the fear of surviving or the fear of not having enough or the fear of a higher power which written in a book or so on – and this must stop and only oneself can stop himself – noone else – through taking Self-Responsibility and applying Equality in all ways what so ever. This is the Desteni-Message and it is very simple to understand, isn’t it – purely Common Sense. Do you have this or is it already extinct in your Self-Religion?

The Destonians already working and preparing the Equal Money System which will end the Crime and Abuse we have allowed to exist against Life itself. A System which will remove and structure & organize the Life on Earth totally & radically new in a way so that all Life is treated in Dignity. The only point which the Equal Money System takes care is the Principles of Life as Oneness & Equality as What is Best for All.

So Join http://equalmoney.org and show the World that you take really care on Life and that you do no longer accept and allow abuse & criminal acts in any way whatsoever.

Thank you


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