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Radio will exist and every-body will have access to it or rather each household will have a radio because so everybody will be always informed of news and what happens here on earth. The same with Internet.

It is important that everybody now what happens and so we can really work together effectively.
But there will be a lot of differences to our current Radio-Informations because now Radio is used to advertise brands and so on to manipulate the hearer what one should buy – this will definitely stop.

Currently there exist many radio stations and only those alive with the best advertisement and the most hearer. In an Equal Money System it isn’t depend on how much hearer one have or the advertisement because the EM use Radio to support humanity with real news all over the world which will no longer based on money and manipulation and also not exaggerated news.

The radio-stations at the moment will all do no matter what to make money and therefore they decorate the news and all other stuff so that the mass would like it to hear – it is a psychological game – but this adjusted the news extremely and the informations are no longer fact.

The Equal Money System take the Responsibility for all living beings here on earth and the earth included – we are the EqualMoneySystem -and thus the infos which come through is totally based on what is really going on – for instance when a nuclear-reactor (nuclear-reactors will no longer exist in an EMS because it is dangerous and against life) get destroyed in Japan through a tsunami and the oceans will be influenced of the radioactivity – all the news of it and how this situation will influence the whole world and its population will be in detail published through Radio, Television and Internet so that all will know it.

Only so we can immediate take action and do what is necessary to be done to correct this problem and all of humanity will support it because all will understand Life and will take care on Life.

Newspapers will no longer exist because it is a waste of Resources – Radio, Television and Internet is the best form of spreading news through the world and how I said the EMS will give accurately attention that all Infos are Real and Fact.

Should somewhere someone act in abuse for instance give false informations there will be immediate actions for sorting out this problem with professional psychological support form effective trained persons who have already proven to the world that they do not allow abuse in any form what so ever and that they stand stable as Equal as One and act/practice what is best for all in every moment. Because false Informations can be risk for other living beings and this is unacceptable – either you stand for life or against life and if you stand against Life and you are not will to correct yourself by itself you get support until you can esteem all Life equally.

So Join the Equal Money System and be a part of the future where not Money has the Value but Life itself.

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