2012 Unconditional Basic Income in a Capitalistic System


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Will be an Unconditional Basic Income an effective & sustained change in a capitalistic System which supports all for a Life in Dignity?

The Money System itself with all Laws around is based on allowing and accepting abuse and crime – so by implementing an unconditional basic income it will definitely not work in a way what is best for all but it will be a start for Humanity to see how important it is to support each other equally and how humanity will then move forward in Life – I mean the satisfaction and the development of Life will grow and less fear of surviving will exist.

If someone stands for an basic income then consider the whole world as one and not only one country – because how I see it, the first countries which will implement it will be countries with an already “good living” or rather where the most people have already a comfortable life because those will find an easier way to change a structure within the System so that money is apportioned to all. Exactly those must be a role model function for all others and also a support for other countries so that all can realize that not exploitation & enslavement of something or someone is in human nature but supporting each other equally as the real Nature of Life.

It exist already so many enslaved people from the past which believe that skin color & complexion makes a big role in Life and also believing that different human races do really exist, instead of seeing the real Life as what we all are born – as Equals as One here on Earth – We all are bodies from this Earth with no differences – We are born Equal as Earthlings – no matter if human, animals, plants or other bodies – and this is the way have to change, develop and evolve ourselves.

So, by establishing an Unconditional Basic Income the Crime & Abuse based on Greed and the believe that money is so important for living will still to linger in our memory and thus humanity will still live it out. The Money System and the Human haven’t not yet changed – but this is the absolute point what we have to focus on – that the human itself start to change himself so that Reality is lived as what it really is – practical living Equality as what is best for all is the only Solution for a stable & sustained Change.

The Basic Income for this Change will give us all a push to see the world more with open eyes because currently we driven by fear of surviving which has limited ourselves in seeing the whole as One Reality – and this fear will then slowly disappear because one have then money for their basic needs.

In some Countries in Europe the Unconditional Basic Income is already discussed many years but with no real movement. The opponents believe that the people will stopping their work and being then lazy bastards. What they haven’t taken into consideration is/was that people are already frustrated to go to work because the most do not like their jobs – maybe because this kind of jobs is seen within Common Sense as an unnecessary bullshit, or they have a lot of stress like assembly-line-work and a major point is that they do it just for money to survive.

In fact our total economic system is based on forced-labor. Within our current Economy-System we are forced to work what we probably don’t like or which totally unnecessary for our existence or rather to have an comfortable and enjoyable life. Many jobs are also based to support crime and abuse against Life like assembly-line work or being a boss/leader over someone. Also jobs which supports exploitations of lands like virgin forest clearing or fishing fleets in a big style which is obvious to see for everyone with common sense that this is against Life and thus really unacceptable. But in many Countries with a lack of jobs one have no other option.

The Equal Life Foundation stands of course for an Unconditional Basic Income but only as a mere forerunner, so that all over the world are moneyed that everyone can pay their bills and buy their basic needs – on that way starvation and poverty should no longer exist.

And then as the primary point to make a real change comes the implementation of an Equal Money System which will change totally in all ways our whole money system with everything what became influenced through money – thus everything with what we handle here on earth because I can’t say one point which is not manipulated through money. It will replace the economy system completely and change the Governments – which is in some Countries called Democracy but is in fact nothing else as a other form of dictatorship – into real Democracy where all have a vote and all are included.

The only way on what Equal Money is running is the Principles of Life as Equality & Oneness in a way what is best for all. The primary tasks of Equal Money are to share all resources to every-body over the whole world equally. Governments & Politics will then function only as an administration – so that everything is running correctly and so on and so forth.

Investigate the Equal Money System to see and understand from what I/We are talking.

Thank you






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