2012 Animated Films as role model function for Children


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Sometimes I watch some animated films and last time I realized an interesting point. It is about the fun-factor. The most scenes are based on sarcasm, cheating each other and/or pure violation. Someone hurts and the others laughs/ are happy about it. It shows always a win-lose situation. One is always better than another.

So my question is now – is this real fun and enjoyment to twit someone who hurts or behaves clumsy?

Laughing at somebody else’s expense when someone get hurts is definitely not supporting each other – on that way Life become ignored and only ones self-interest as an emotional stimulus is important. As long as we participate in sarcasm for just saying “I am happy” we are failed of the inherent nature of Life as Equals as One.

In the toddlers age everything what is observed interacts/manipulate/influence as an role model function which will then when the child is older either be lived or judged. On that way the child create a polarity because of the believe that this is ok and normal the way it is. And furthermore the parents walk a similar way what is seen in television, I mean living a polarized Life through judging each other instead of taking Self-Responsibility, cheating each other instead of living Self-Honestly and in some cases also being violent instead of standing and supporting all Life as One & Equals in a way what is best for all – and so for the child it becomes confirmed that this is ok for what is shown in TV.

Adults are the one who create Animated Films thus they construct the movie in that way how they see Life or rather how they believe Life must be. Here one can see that as long as Human make not extensive research about how Life works and how human create Life we live just cycles – a so called and in fact a vicious cycle – repeating past experiences over and over again – and indeed we re-BEAT ourselves – the absolute crime against Life. Life is a Moment and should be lived as that and not repeating past experiences.

From my perspective it is Child-Abuse when parents make children without understand the basic skills about Life. I am talking not about things what one learn in school because this is the same as one can see in animated films or general in movies. I talk about the understanding of what is Reality and what is Illusion – what matters Life and what is against Life and applying practical and effective tools to make a change in points what makes Life to suffer.

Right Now in our current time we need to use/practice common sense more than ever – global information’s are shared with one click and a lot of this information’s are based on dishonesty because everyone wants to have a piece of the cake. How can we trust things in this world when things are obvious against Life? Why is everywhere shown that competition – a Win-Lose Situation is the right way of Life – where it is so clearly shown in history that we drive ourselves and the animal kingdom and nature to hell only through our ignorance & our believes that we have to follow our self-interests instead of changing our mind and standing for and as Life Equal as One.

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