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Today I have read an article about a new Study that Chemotherapy in Pregnancy has allegedly no side- and after-effect for the Baby.

So just from a Perspective with Common Sense – which side-effects & after-effects has Radiation & Chemotherapy in general?

As we know a lot – the most of the people who got Chemotherapy are no longer alive. Also we know that the cell-structure will be manipulated and now one will say that Chemotherapy has no effect on the baby.

A point to consider is – that Scientists have in fact no clue how the Human as a whole really function – we have a lot of thesis but no real savvy. We don’t even know the different between Reality and Illusion and how our illusionary world called Mind-Consciousness manipulate and influence the physical existence.

So just using simple common sense and one will see we should never give a faith in our Science because it will always change. Our Science works not with the basic principles of Life – no – they work only for Money and becoming famous. And to reach this point one will everything do for it. – big problem because so the research will be faked and maybe the scientist itself are even aware of it but see for yourself.

It is always depend on our starting point for what we do things and how we look on things.

Only when the starting point is based on the Life-Principles of Oneness & Equality as What is best for all – we will move more and more to the Realization of Life and thus to this truth what Life matters. The Truth about Life or how it works is sustained and stable and is not based on thesis & theories.

From some Scientist I heard “Only through our current Science we reached this great development in what we currently live” where we have all this wonderful things like airplanes, chemotherapy, quantum physics, psychology, jet-propulsion, nuclear energy, weapons, nuclear bombs,….. – and on one point we can all agree – through science we reached this current state of development BUT is it really great. In fact we are totally undeveloped – because about Life itself we have nothing grasped – In Science we have lost our common sense.

Thousands of people starve to death each day, during the last hundred years we have killed more people in war like the last five-hundred years, we have created an economy which supports only forced labour – everything must be done faster and faster and everything must produced as much as possible – driven from the believe that the more we have the more fulfilled is our Life.

Child-Labour & Child-Prostitution is on the daily agenda because they have no other choice to survive in our so called great developed World. We have created big machines so that we can exploit faster the resources from mother-earth.

The only thing what we have done is that we have separated ourselves more far away from Life through supporting, accepting & allowing all this things to exist. Working with Common Sense means normally that One will do everything what is necessary to support all Life equally – obviously this point is in any cases missed.

The only thing what we have supported is the Humans greed & fear – nothing more.
And so we can say we are in all ways undeveloped & uneducated because we all are allow just this immense abuse & crime against Life. We all sit in the same boat and if one believe that he/she is more developed than others – then you haven’t yet understood Life in the Principles of Oneness & Equality.

You have just more knowledge about something which makes you in some cases only more untrustworthy – because when “what is best for all” is not lived with this knowledge you will definitely follow your self-interests and this makes you to a Cheater and Abuser of Life. Simple 1+1

So lets stop this bullshit for what we all as One as Humans are Responsible for and lets stop our EGO & Self-Interests till it is to late for a change. Lets get real and do what normally Life will do for Life. If a better world where all Life live in Dignity together is depend on you, dear reader.

The Equal Money System will be the first dignified step of Humanity because this will be the first System Worldwide which supports all Life equally in & as Equality.

Join us http://equalmoney.org

Thank you







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