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Are people free to celebrate different cultures? What/Where is the Line of Religion?

Lets first take a look on some Religions, what they do or for what they stand and why they exist at all?

Major Religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jewry & Buddhism and many more. They all exist because humanity searched for answers about Life and why humanity exists – they found no other answer as to beLIEf in an imagination so called God or Gods and Goddesses.

Religions was always fighting against each other because all believed that only there Belief is the right one and if others do not believe the same they were against their God. Many people died because of the stupidity and not seeing Life as it really is. There exist still religious-war – a simple example are the Jews fighting against Palestinian because of the promised Land.

The Leader of Religions was and still are very Deceitful because they know how to manipulate humans that they will believe & faith in their Belief. The good promise was not always effective and therefore they used fear to get sure people will hear the so called god’s word like talking about heaven and hell or use meditation to escape you from the circle of Life otherwise you will re-incarnate again or if you belief in God he/she/it will take all your sins away.

How one can see Religions are based on Abuse & Limitations – All Religion gave since the beginning of it just Lies, no one of them took Responsibility for their own Life – a most statement or excuse is “It is the will of God”. So God was always and is still the excuse for not taking Self-Responsibility for what one have created, accepted and allowed to exist.

In an Equal Money System people become trained and educated to understand and practice the Basic Principles of Life as Oneness & Equality as what is best for all. All will then realize that all are Self-Responsible for what exist and that the sins of the fathers are only the transfered genetic code form Gen-erations to Gen-erations where all the Informations, Patterns, Behavior are anchored and that the participation within it hold this pre-programmed conditions alive.

In the age people believe then that all what they know is through his own experiences and not realizing that this is just what one have learnt in there childhood from people which had also not lived & understood the basic principles of Life. All beliefs are in fact limitations and it works like a cloud where one can’t see the Life as it really is.

Therefore Religions & all there consequences like war, poverty, starvation, …will stop from alone through the understanding, seeing & realizing of how the Life is built up and how it works. Not God is the creator of this suffered World but we all as Humanity with our non-understanding of Life. The physical matters and the Illusions of Beliefs will gone forever.

Different Cultures or rather practicing & celebrating of different behavior & Cultures will only exist in a way what is best for all. Cultures are groups and thus separated from Life. So Culutures will also not really exist – what exist will be an real individual expression. Fascinating will be that all of Humanity will realize that they have self the choice to choose in each moment as a Self-Directive Principle of Life how they will express themself.

If someone Choose another Life-Style like with clothes it will come up no Problems in this Region because all will understand that all Life is just an expression and every-body can express themselves however they want until it is what is best for all and no one get harmed by this expression.

One Point more is to understand that at the moment we all exist in a pre-programmed condition through our pre-programmed DNA as Mind-Patterns as what we have learnt from our parents, teachers and our environment and stored within ourselves therefore a real individual expression do currently not exist.

Equal Money will every one support with practical tools to change and correct this pre-programmed conditions that everyone can really live a life in real freedom & dignity and that all get Life back as who we really are as one & equals within and as the physical body – this change starts with taking Self-Responsibility & applying Self-Forgiveness from each and every single human being to stop our self-created, self-allowed and self-accepted Abuse as it currently exist in this World.

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