2011 Praise China – They work for our Greed !



The Merry Christ-mess time is not really the time of Love – It is the time of exploiting others that we can follow blind our greed of consumerism.

Nobody took all this things in consideration where all the product what we see in our shops come from and under which expense & conditions those products are created. The most of the people who work in the factories where toys & clothes are constructed & fashioned are from poor regions and then they are compelled to work in factories with inhuman & unacceptable conditions – so called as slaves – Working overtime for a pittance. Also Child-Labour is no rarity.

Watch this Video to see it what I talk about – Santa’s Workshop – Inside China’s Slave Labour Toy Factories

Not only this factories are the problems but all people who celebrate this bullshit of christmess and are fallen in love of consumerism. Not only the christmess time – all over the year celebrating birthdays, ester or just buying new stylish branded products or buying as cheap as possible without questioning where did it come from who how was the labour-conditions.

It is really unacceptable how humanity participate in this world – exploiting others only to gratify ones addiction – which is definitely far away from Life itself. How stupid can one be to believe that sharing gifts to each other is love. Real Love is taking care on each others – not alone in your environment but on all Life around the world.

The problem is our behavior – we have allowed ourselves to be so brainwashed through television, magazines and all kind of advertisements that we do not realize what Life really is. We have to learn to walk as a Self-Responsible living being through Life who takes care on all Life as Equal as One. As long one living being get exploited or must suffer because of one lives its freedom of the cost of others we have missed the nature of Life and thus we have expressed ourselves in & as abuse.

Make Love visible by supporting a System which works in a way what is best for all – where noone will be exploited or must suffer.

Support a System where abuse in any form what so ever will get no longer a chance.

Join the Equal Money System – An Equal Value System – A WorldWide Solution which will stop the criminal minds of humanity by supporting each and every single man, woman & child to understand and realize the basic Principles of Life as Equal as One.

Join the Desteni I Process – A Lifestyle Concept & Coaching where one become trained in the Life-Principles of Oneness & Equality.

Lets work together for a Life-Friendly World




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