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Perfectionism is Mind-Ego-driven – One have some desires & wants and this must to be fulfilled for this person otherwise those will feel frustrated because of not happening it. Perfectionism is in fact self-sabotage & self-manipulation. You abuse yourself & your environment by wishing & desiring something because of holding on an Idea how things should look like or how things should work.

Mostly it happens that you not even start with what you want to do because you see or believe that the end-result is not how you desire it and thus you deny it from the outset. Further it is based on Competition – Perfectionism = Want always be the best one and if another person shows you/in yours eyes a better result you will start to struggle for the number 1.

So in that way Perfectionism is Life-Abuse – it is not based on taking care on each other. Calling yourself an Perfectionist shows basically that you allow abuse.

Self-Perfection on the other hand is based on the principle of Life as what is best for all. Real Life will never allow abusing Life itself.
Self-Perfection means you do what ever it is necessary to change yourself until no abuse/self-sabotage/self-manipulation exist in yourself or in your environment.

Basically we can also call it Life-Perfection but first it starts by oneSELF – it starts by taking fully Self-Responsibility for Life self-honestly and applying Self-Forgiveness for all abuse what one have allowed to exist. On that way Self-Realizations & the Awareness about Life will grow and you as you have decided to stand for Life starts to support all Life here that all will understand, see and realize the inherent Nature of Life as Oneness & Equality and that the only way to change things effectively is to act in a way what is best for all.

Thats the way how Self-Perfection is fully and for real applied.

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