Tag 8 – Gedanken, Gefühle & Emotionen


Dog and Cat - One and Equal - Life is here

Ich vergebe mir, dass ich mir nicht erlaubt habe zu erkennen wo es doch so offensichtlich ist, dass Gedanken, Gefühle & Emotionen nicht Real in dieser Welt existieren. Sie geschehen lediglich in einem selbst im Mind-Bewusstsein und gelten somit als Ego / Selbst-Interesse / Persönlichkeit.

Ich vergebe mir, dass ich mir nicht erlaubt habe zu erkennen / verstehen / sehen,… Weiterlesen

2012 Self-Religion as the Reason of Religions and Abuse


Self-Relgion as the basic of Religion and Abuse - RIP




Why do Religions exist? Would Religions exist when there is no Human? What will remain when Humanity do not exist? Reality or our Thoughts, Feeling & Emotions?

A Religion exist because of a Believer. This Believer maybe is searching for answers but he has lost his way by looking on points which are not real but started… Weiterlesen

2011 Perfectionism vs. Self-Perfection


Equal Money - A World is Alive




Perfectionism is Mind-Ego-driven – One have some desires & wants and this must to be fulfilled for this person otherwise those will feel frustrated because of not happening it. Perfectionism is in fact self-sabotage & self-manipulation. You abuse yourself & your environment by wishing & desiring something because of holding on an Idea how things should look… Weiterlesen

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