Tag 8 – Gedanken, Gefühle & Emotionen


Dog and Cat - One and Equal - Life is here

Ich vergebe mir, dass ich mir nicht erlaubt habe zu erkennen wo es doch so offensichtlich ist, dass Gedanken, Gefühle & Emotionen nicht Real in dieser Welt existieren. Sie geschehen lediglich in einem selbst im Mind-Bewusstsein und gelten somit als Ego / Selbst-Interesse / Persönlichkeit.

Ich vergebe mir, dass ich mir nicht erlaubt habe zu erkennen / verstehen / sehen,… Weiterlesen

2012 Why Ascension will bring no better World for all


Ascension brings no Equality - Equal Money for all - Matti Freeman

The Winter in Europe became very hard. Within the actual stand there are more than 200 People who frozen already to death and of course not to forget that there are thousands of people who starve to death each days and children who must work as prostitutes for their survival and so and so forth.

Is this a worthy living… Weiterlesen

2012-Will make unconditional Love us to great Masters of Life?



2011 Praise China – They work for our Greed !



The Merry Christ-mess time is not really the time of Love – It is the time of exploiting others that we can follow blind our greed of consumerism.

Nobody took all this things in consideration where all the product what we see in our shops come from and under which expense & conditions those products are created. The most… Weiterlesen

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