2011 Is a Life without Debt & Taxes Possible?


Debt & Taxes is Damnation - Let the Damned be Free - Equal Money




In an Equal Money System  Taxes & Debt will no longer exist because the EMS will support humanity – each one equally in dignity – and not exploiting through make believes that everything is ok so how it works.

The existed Money-System or rather the whole Life what we currently live here on earth is through & through a Lie & Deception because our totally Life is based and depend on Money. The Problem of Humanity is that seldom one has questioned our Life or our World-Systems and if there is a Solution to created something different which works really for the benefit of all.

Mostly when some have an Idea for a change they became criticized and judged from others because they fear loosing something or suchlike or those with power try to make those silent – Equal Money give every-body an equal power no one will be treated superior or inferior. Each One will get immediate & the best support what is possible and noone will be left behind.

The EMS stands for What is best for all in any why what so ever.

We have to understand and realize that our current Money System isn’t a System of the Government – no it is a System of a so called Private Company. The Government give only the okay that the Money what is printed is the Original one – but in fact the Government has no power over the Money – not yet – and humanity has this kind of money system already accepted for a long time and the current Generations do it still because we have learnt it from our parents & teachers.

Some people make Revolution against the Money but not realizing that this is not the Solution – it creates also fight & war like the current Money do. We have to learn to stand as a Self-Responsible living Earthling acting in way what is best for all.

The National- or Central-Bank dispense credits however they want – and the most money of it do not even exist. Make some Research about the structure and the money-creation itself and you will see how it is handled. But not only the Banks are responsible but we all here on Earth because we all participate within it and give it permission to exist.

The Equal Money System is not really based on Money – in general it is an Equal Value System which shows that all Life is in fact Equal – nothing more nothing less. And on that way everything what is based on different Values which do not support all Life equally as what is best for all Life that will be changed immediately.

Therefore will Debt & Taxes no longer exist because they do not support Life – Debt & Taxes is based on making Profit and connected with many other believes like the government have to pay their bills and so on…. but in fact we do not need all this stuff like bills – we have only to learn how to live together – as Self-Responsible and trustworthy living Earthlings.

So called is the EMS a big Education System where all Life is included that all will be trained to understand and realize the inherent Nature of Life itself as Oneness & Equality.  It is a new birthing into the Physical Existence where patterns from past generations will have no longer power because on that we currently exist – a pre-programmed Robot programmed from past generations through the DNA and all what our Parents & Teachers has trained us is the information of the past – therefore it is nothing new – always the same shit but just with other pictures.

Those patterns directing, manipulating & enslaving our Lives until we say stop and start to correct ourselves until we are the Self-Directive Principle of Life. And on this the EMS will support us to get the Life back as who we really are.

Join the Equal Money System and lets work together for a better world where all can live in Dignity.

Join Desteni and be part of a Group who are willing to correct themselves and take care on all Life equally.

Visit the EQAFE – Equal Life Store and watch the Products – Many Books about Equal Money are already available. Get yours and support the Equal Life Foundation and thus the implementation of the Equal Money System.









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