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Media currently present not what´s really going because they are based on Money and therefore they decorate their news so that all will read it and find it interesting. The more readers would find the news interesting the more will buy this newspapers or magazines or watch this TV-Channel.

Another point is – but on that point I can mostly speak about Austria – but I think in other Countries it is managed similiar – that some newspapers or also TV-Channels/Stations are supported by different political parties which means that those get money from them and therefore it is combrehensible that this TV-Stations or Newspapers or other forms of Media will give their best to not dissapoint his sponsore.

So called we can say that all are manipulated through money – it is like a bribe – but this way is unaccaptable because it falsified the facts and so noone have the right informations what is really going on here on earth. Currentyl many people trust in Media but in fact it isn´t trustworthy because so many distorted news were telled and also many happenings are never told.

This you can check out by yourself – buy various newspapers and look how they present the news and you will see that their are though the same news but with different contents. And also make research about the whole planet and what’s going on here.

The Equal Money System will be a World-Wide System which is not directly based on Money but it will change all what is based on Money & its consequences. Equal Money is an Equal Value System where all get an equal access to all what exists and all will be treated as what is best for all.

What is best for all means that Lies in any why what so ever will no longer exist – therefore Media how it currently exist will no longer exist in an Equal Money System.
You will hear & see in all Forms of Media exactly that what is fact here on earth. Nothing will be hidden or kept secret.

Only on this way we all can get sure by having the right informations – the facts what is really going on – how we handle this situations or rather how we can prepare an real Solution for it which is based on the best benefit for all.
For Instance if a Hurricane is rolling over Germany or Haiti or China or USA or …. and many people get hurted and have lost their houses – what can the whole planet – we all as one – do for them that they get an immediate support.

To let one living being suffer is you accept abuse and thus you are against life and a false Information through Media can create suffer or will hide suffer – this is unacceptable and this will be sorted out with an Equal Money System.
Every-Body has the right to live a Life in Dignity and every-body should get support form all that those can place himself in this possibility.

Come and support an Equal Money System and lets change this hostile place what we as humans have created, accepted and allowed into an life-friendly place.

Read all the Equal Money books to be on the newest stand and informed how the Equal Money will be implemented.







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