2011 What is Intervention? – Equal Money FAQ


Intervention will be used to support those people who allow or exercise abuse. The Equal Money System will intervene immideately by seeing any form of abuse because it furthermore a protection for all other living beings here on earth. Only so we can get sure that nobody get hurt from this person or group.

So called Intervention is a real act of “love thy neighbor”.

Lets take a look on people on drugs like cocaine or alcohol – We made already many experiences with people on those drugs and thus we know already what they are capable to do. Many kills each day because people drive drunken with their cars or lorries on the street – the drug-war worldwide and especially in columbia & bolivia which costs many people which are not directly involved in this their life. But those drugs are stille accepted and allowed by all of us.

Our current Money System allowed too – because the consumption of drugs brings for someone money – so someone will make profit and this is for what our current Money System stands for – making profit.

And now the question “Who accept & allow the current Money System and do nothing for a better one which include all Life equally where all can have a better Life in Dignity & feeling Protected?”

We are it, we all as Humanity are responsible for it – We all hold on this System either by participating within or by fighting against it – both ways are no real practical Solution.

Equal Money presents a real Solution because everything what will implimented in an Equal Money System will be so designed that it works for the best of all Life and if something or someone will not work for the best ever it will be changed immideatelly.

The Intervention will be not putting someone in jail – no – it will be a support with practical applications from proffesional trained person who have already proven their consistency of the Principle of Oneness & Equality as what is best for all.

So, Join the the Equal Money System and visit the EQAFE Shop and read & hear all the recordings & books to get a deeper understanding of the implimentation of Equal Money.






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