2011 Equal Money and Dogs will live like Gods


Equal Money - Dog Enjoy Life

The basic Principle of Equal Money is taking care on each other and allowing only those Systems which works for the best of all which means that every body here will get treated equally so that all Life live in dignity.

Thousands of animals mostly dogs live on the streets and starve or fight for the last piece of food… Weiterlesen

2011 Are People Free to Celebrate different Cultures or Religions? Equal Money FAQ


Equal Money System - Real Love, Real Peace , Real Freedom,



Are people free to celebrate different cultures? What/Where is the Line of Religion?

Lets first take a look on some Religions, what they do or for what they stand and why they exist at all?

Major Religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jewry & Buddhism and many more. They all exist because humanity searched for answers about Life and… Weiterlesen

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