2012 How can Love be the answer for our problems?


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First of all I want to look on what love is.

I realized that Love is just an energetic and chemical reaction within our mind which gives impulses to the physical body. Through some thoughts or picture in our mind or something what we see in our environment a feeling in our stomach area arise/comes up. So on that point one can see that we are not able to experience always the feeling of love.

So the question is now why do we experiencing love just in some moments to some certain cases?

By looking deeper in some certain moments one will see that we have also reacted similar in past moments to similar situations – which if we look further you can see that we are or rather have ourselves programed to react so and always in this so called special moments this feeling of Love comes up.

Of course we are able to train ourselves or to produce this feeling of Love by situations where we have never experienced it or have reacted differently or maybe we was equal to this situation but de facto is that in that moments we have created just another pattern which influence/manipulate then our very life until we stop the enslavement of ourselves and stand as that as what Life really is – Equal within the physical existence.

Fact is also that an emotional experience of Fear is the trigger for wanting experiencing Love. Human created Love to hide ones fear. If Fear wouldn’t exist – which do not really exist, just in ones Mind it plays a role – Love wouldn’t exist – which do also not really exist, just in ones own mind-bubble-fantasy-world – because then we would see, realize and understand our intrinsic Nature of Equality.

The Mind is our Secret place where one can play his fantasy-games and hide his true self-accepted and allowed faces. The physical existence is the Reality which is the shareable and all the consequences we experience are the consequences of our participation within the mind which become manifested into the physical existence.

So from here everybody can see that an experience of Love is just for stimulating oneself – feeding ones own self-interest/ego because of fearing different feelings/emotions to ones environment. It is definitely a point of dishonesty – like smiling to another person while experiencing patterns of so called negative thoughts and anger, irritation, fear, doubt or something like that. Through the participation and being directed/enslaved from thoughts and emotional patterns we have separated ourselves from the real beingness of our being.

Love itself will thus bring no change in our Reality because it happens just in the Mind and is thus no practical implementation of a Solution for this unnecessary and unacceptable suffer in this World. A Re-Definition of Love is “Taking Care on each other by acting in a way what is best for all practical physically within and as the Realization that everything is One & Equal to and as me as Life. Thus the Real Love is not a stimulus but Equality and working for a Life in Dignity for all.


A Simple prove that Love is not the Answer – Ask yourself –

Can I stop the thousands over thousands children who starve to death with my self-created and accepted feeling of Love?

Can I stop the cruelty of all the animal Tests with my self-experienced feeling of Love?

Can I stop the abuse of children through prostitution and slave labor with my emotional reaction of Love?

Can I stop the exploitation of this earth which will die/ be destroyed in the next years like our self-directive actions died through our participations in our mind-patterns energetically stored within ourselves from past experiences which enslaved and manipulated us the whole day long with the self-interested stimulation of Love?


One thing I understand is – through working on and looking within ourselves and becoming the understanding & realization about how we function and how we have created ourselves and this world-scenario and then living the Life-Principles of Oneness & Equality and practicing What is best for all and through supporting the Equal Money System which reflects and thus supports the intrinsic Nature of Equality – all the bullshit which is against Life what we all have created, accepted and allowed to exist during time will end.

By observing the World-Situations with a little little bit with COMMON SENSE one will see that it is definitely time to stand up for applying Self-Correction – Equality should all the while be lived – Every Body should be always in all ways get support when one is needed – Why we haven’t?
Maybe because we are too busy with our self-interests and thus we give a fuck on the rest of this World ?

So it is in your Choice which is the only real choice what you have and thus your Responsibility and further the Consequences you have to bear, for what you stand, for what you work, where you participate and what you still accept or not.

Thank you







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