2012 Take Care on what you Eat


As an Ayurveda Practitioner I have also learnt about the Ayurveda & conventional forms of nutrition & I experienced also on my body and on reactions from others that food is not equal food for and to everybody. Also I have to say that I work not with all parts from Ayurveda because from my understand of Life or rather how Life works not everything is compatible with it like for instance I work especially with the physical aspects because the so called subtle aspect is a part of philosophy and thus debatable. The physical part has proven in time that it works.

Ayurveda works with so called constitution-types 3 in number. Ayurveda Tridosha

Vata – is for Movement, Direction, Control, Nerve-Impulses – a combination of the Elements of Wind & Ether and have the attributes light, dry, cold, raw, fine, sharp, fast, flexible ……;
Pita – is for Transformation, Digestion, Thermogenesis – a combination of the Elements Fire & Water and have the attributes of light, wet, warm, hot, oily, clear ….…;
Kapha – is for Protection, Manifestation, Fluids, Synovia – a combination of the Elements Water & Earth and have the attributes of stable, smooth, slimy, slow, stump ….…;

There are further connection and properties but this I will eventually write in another Blog. Here I will especial focus on Nutrition.

From this 3 Constitution is everything of Life constructed and all 3 types are always together in combination but just in different proportions. Another point I realized is that the constitution is nothing else as a pre-programed conditions from the past – a gene-transfer from one’s mother and father to their child or from plants to the seeds.

So if we, each one get the realization of how the physical existence is build up sooner or later we will be able to change also the physical conditions but for the moment we have to focus our change in the mental & emotional area/patterns because from there we have created an illusion of reality and therefore the most diseases. We have to understand first how we have created this Reality and ourselves and so we move step by step, moment for moment to change this which is against Life so that “what is best for all Life equally” remains.

To take care on what we eat – our nutrition is primarily for stabilizing our physical body during the process of self-correction in the mental & emotional area. One point is also to say about the Dietary Education of Ayurveda – it is neither right nor wrong – it is a possibility to try it for yourself and see if it works for you or not. Maybe there are just one or two points which works for one then only use this.

When for instance Ayurveda suggests for your condition rice is prefect because your most parts are Vata or Pita but you have an allergy or react with a digestion-problem then of course don`t use it. Maybe you search first for the reason in you why you have this reaction – probably it comes from a emotional pattern from the past or something like that. Not all foodstuff is made for everybody. In contradiction to our Mind-Consciousness is each physical body an individual expression like a Iris or a finger-print and so we have to take care on this points individually.

So, the nourishments in Ayurveda are scaled in 6 different gustatory sensations, 2 sensations while digestion, and 3 effects after digestion (post-digestive).

Here I explain shortly the 6 gustatory sensations with their further effects and attributes:





sweet heavy, wet, cold, anabolic cooling sweet
sour light, wet, hot, anabolic heating sour
salty heavy, wet internal, dry external, hot, anabolic heating pungent
pungent light, dry, hot, catabolic, heating pungent
bitter light, cold, dry, draining, catabolic cooling pungent
astringent heavy, cold, dry, catabolic cooling pungent

So for instance a person has in most parts Vata then it is suggested to eat food which has the opposite attributes to Vata – in this case it is suggested to eat sweet, sour and salty because its effect is anabolic and thus supports the body in his buildup.

The effect while digestion shows if this food supports your digestive fire or not and the post digestive effect shows to put it simply how the rest of the food the body supports but there also many states of emergency by the food with their tastes and effects for instance like fennel or honey.

So if you can see Ayurveda works with a simple technique of using the opposite of one’s condition to create a balance – but I suggest it only for nutrition and in some cases by massages.

On that way Ayurveda take also no Vitamins, Carb or something like that in consideration and of course if we would walk form the starting point that all products are fresh and produced for what is best for all we wouldn’t need think about it but as everybody knows and see we have created, accepted and allowed a world of striving greed to profit and thus the products are not made of quality but of quantity.

Thus it is again on each ones Responsibility to read the ingredient list and/or ask the manufacturers about how the product is produced so to get sure you eat quality stuff and not food which is extremely contaminated with unnecessary chemicals.

Another point I realized is that we should not focus on being healthy but rather taking the self-responsibility to understand our inherent Nature as Life and how we have created ourselves into this current state of separation of Life because of not seeing & realizing ourselves in all parts and then applying the necessary tools to make an effective change in our Life and on this World. By focusing on being healthy most there exist some emotional patterns like fear in the background/mind of getting sick – and so from this starting point this fear will perhaps create  diseases. Taking Self-Responsibility for all what happen to ourselves and standing One as & Equal with is the only starting point to re-design ourselves to a comfortable Life.

I suggest for wanting to know more about Ayurveda and Nutrition write me or visit the Forum under http://forum.desteni.org/ – here are more peoples who share there experiences about Nutrition and Diets.
And for more information’s about how to change yourself in a sustained and effective way with practical Tools read my other blogs and visit http://desteniiprocess.com

Thank you







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