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Maybe you experienced it when you walk alone offside the street and you see one person coming towards you – in the beginning you look to the person but while the person comes closer slowly an emotional reaction of fear or uncertainty in connection with some thoughts arise within yourself and you are no longer able to look this person in the eyes.

Nowadays especially younger people grasp to their mobile phones or watch their clock to deflect himself of ones emotional re-actions. But the question is where do this fear or uncertainty or any other emotions come from and why do they exist.

If you have already realized that those emotional re-actions are a very extensive manipulation of ones own expression then you will start slowly but surly to question it and you will come to this conclusion that it do not really exist. It exists only in ones own little bubble world so called Mind-Ego but not in our Reality.

And by looking deeper – and of course it is a training of self-awareness – you will see that the actual start of any kind of emotional re-actions comes from the past – it is memory based and stored within oneself through past experiences. And only in various situation like in the past it will come up. By realizing those two points there is then only one way to get out of it – to get out of this manipulation & enslavement from the mind which oneself has it created, accepted and allowed.

Whenever Fear or Uncertainty or any other emotional re-actions comes up – STOP yourself and BREATHE through. Stand up and Take fully Self-Responsibility for what you experience and apply immediate Self-Forgiveness on this thoughts and emotional reaction for what you have created, accepted and allowed to exist in separation of yourself – in separation because Life/Reality is in fact One & Equal and all judgments – and emotions & feelings are judgements – created therefore the separation of yourself as Life as One as Equals.

Then you are here within & as you physical body within and as our physical existence as One & Equals – no backchat – no manipulation & influences from the mind – and so you will be able to look straight in your neighbours eyes without any thoughts or judgments but as Equals.

And exactly thats the point & way for what Equal Money stands. The Equal Money System is based on real effective Support as the Principle of Oneness & Equality as what is best for all – which means that whenever you or anyone else need assistance in your way – should it be in your process of Self-Correction and Self-Alignment or anything else as your basic needs like food, water, shelter, ….. – the EMS will afford immediate support and such a long time till you have fully apprehended the point or you are fed with everything what you need to live.

The E Q U A L M O N E Y S Y S T E M is so called a rebirth of Humanity into the Physical Existence where all stands for and as the Life-Principle of Equality as One. That is also the only way to bring forth a real change here on earth – and the end-effect will be that all Life will live together in Dignity. Our Judgements are the Reason for the intense abuse here on/of earth.

Show Life that you are a trustworthy & Self-Responsible Earthling and join & support the implementation of the Equal Money System.

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