2012 Too much Sleeping is an Escape from Reality


Our Mood is Our Doom - Matti Freeman

The last days I observed by myself that when I sleep to long I feel more tiered. I see and realize that the body needs a certain time to relax but the point what the psychology says that the mind have to process some experiences is definitely bullshit. I have also the feeling that when I sleep longer as necessary that I become easier irritated to some situations but Lets go deeper in this.

Do we really need the mind to exist?

For what is the mind necessary?

Is it probably just an Illusion which makes us as slaves from our past experiences?

The mind needs to process some past experiences once we have already a problem with our Reality – which means when we have some troubles or rather emotional reactions or judgments to anything what happens to us during the day.

But what do the mind exactly in this state? – In fact it do not process the experiences but he stores it within our self as energetic patterns. And further this runs then up & down or in circles within ourselves. It is based on our own believes,definitions, ideas and/or interpretations to a specific situation. Those believes, ideas, interpretations and/or definitions are in fact not real. They have nothing to do with Reality itself – it is just an imagination of something which is connected to the also not really existed emotions or/and feelings what we have accepted and allowed to exist within ourselves.

During the participation of thoughts, feelings and emotions which are our believes & interpretations of our Reality we keep a so called Illusion & Deception of it within ourselves what happen to us alive. This we call judgements either good or bad which are in end-effect our problems or rather things what we like or dislike.

That I feel easier irritated after a long sleep – and with a long sleep I mean over 5 to 6 hours – shows me that the mind works from alone without any control / direction of myself. So he creates bullshit from alone where I am not aware of it and thus I am not able to say stop to it which I normally can when I am awake. To say stop is urgent needed because so we can make a real change otherwise we follow just the illusion of/from the mind and keep the whole cycle running what we have accepted in ourselves from past experiences.

And now we come to the point of escaping from Reality – If we have judgements during our days – which are not real – take a look for yourself and see the different between Illusion & Reality – Reality is seeing from all Humans equally like our human body or a tree or the Computer and Illusion is something which one can hide in oneself like thoughts, feelings, emotions – this things seems only real for 1 Person and probably you find another one who share with you the same believe but in fact it isn’t real – it is subjective approach. There can be only one Truth – if more truth exists then it can be a real Truth. Simple Commons Sense, or?

So Escaping from Reality – When I have judgments to anything which means that I jump between likes & dislikes, good & bad, beauty & ugly on that way I create obviously Problems. The more Problems I have or rather the more I believe that Problems do really exist the more I don´t like to wake up or when I wake up I jump again back into the bed – maybe a short walk to the toilet but then back to bed. And this is the first step into a little form of Depression. And the more one participate in this the stronger is the effect of depression and maybe after a while a physical indication arise.

So the only way to have a real effective stable and satisfied Life is to stand & live in all ways the Life-Principles of Oneness & Equality as what is best for all. Only in this it is a Life in Dignity guaranteed. And then supporting each other is the next step because otherwise it is just self-interests and thus again based on mind and ego which is then not a real change. Only when all Life live a Life in Dignity together then we have changed Life and shown that we took Self-Responsibility for Life and that we are trustworthy in what we are and we we do.

Join the Desteni I Process – it gives me a lot of support to start to see the Life with real eyes and not only my Illusion. The more People start to take fully Self-Responsibility and correct them self and live the Principle of Equality the faster we manifest a cool Life here on Earth with fully understanding & realizations of how we have created our Life.

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Thank you


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