2011 No more Insurance Agents & Agencies in an Equal Money System


Equal Money Egg - Ann van den Broeck

Why would Insurance Agents & Agencies no longer exist in an EMS?

Because the EMS is based on real support unconditionally – Insurance Agencies are based on Profit and therefore they will do everything to get money from you. They tell you the blue from the sky and try to make you fear with “what happens when your house burns down or a stormy weather destroy your house or what happens with your family when you die …… and so on and so forth.

And by looking it on that way one can see that we are driven from an illusion called fear which do not really exist in this Reality and we let us manipulate by simple words like above. In Fact no insurances will take away your fears but one have a great excuse for his own fears and also insurances can’t keep you saved – that isn’t possible because you are responsible for Life and when you die you die and no insurance can change it.

Equal Money will directly work with all fears what exist, I mean we will transcend all fears until no fears exists because the Equal Money System is an Equal Value System which give humanity a new perspective of Life and how it works or rather why those things like fear or any other emotional reactions exist.

Further to understand is that Equal Money isn’t really based on Money itself – it is based on the Life-Principle of Oneness & Equality as what is best for all thus capitalism will die with Equal Money. That means that everything – all World-Systems – will be changed until it works for everyone fine & stable. For instance when I house is to repair or to renovate the EMS will give those persons everything unconditionally what they need to renovate their houses without money but as a real support.

The first step of the EMS or the Equal Life Foundation will be to implement an Basic Income for all so that all basic needs for everyone will be saved. It will take care on each Life that they can live in Dignity independent from their partners or life-partnership which means that every body will have fully access to everything what exist like food, water, shelter …… You will no longer addicted to your partner like it currently is in our system – where mostly the men goes to work and bring the money home and the wife take care on the children – this will on that way no longer exist.

If one believe that Insurance Agencies take care on Life then why do not have people in really poor countries an insurance for not starving? – because they have no money to feed the agencies pockets.

So on this simple examples you can see that Insurances exist only because our current money system allows abuse in from of making profit and thus deceiving others for making profit. To understand is also that we all are Responsible for the current Money-System and thus it makes us all Responsible for all Abuse with all their consequences. Therefore it starts by us – by each and every single human being – We have to change ourselves so that Equality is lived in all ways that all abuse in any form what so ever do no longer exist. We are the abuser and thus we are the solution.

So called the Equal Money System will be the only Insurance – but you haven’t to sign any contracts or to give the money to a company – NO – the only thing what you have to do is to stand up and take Self-Responsibility for Life and act like “Give what you like to Receive”.

My Realization was that real Life would never Abuse another Life otherwise you are not a real Life – so if you believe you have nothing to change and you like the way you currently walk – which means you follow still your self-interests because you have money to do it then you haven’t understand and seen Life as it is and what you are – you still allow abuse thus you are not really Life – you are just brainwashed through your desires.

We all sit in the same boat and we all have to do the same homework to create a world where all Life is supported equally and unconditionally.

Get real and Support a System which works for the benefit of Every–Body.

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