2011 Standard & Poor´s – Downgrade of the Rating-Credit of EU-Countries



Yesterdy the Rating-Agentcy decided to downgrade the credit-worthiness of some EU Countries like Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
Always it was believed that those Countries are solid as a rock especially Germany – but how it seems – they are not.

How long will humanity accept this deceptive game as our current money-system?

How long will humanity believe in this bullshit of money-system that it is normal and no other way is possible?

The Rating-Agentcy valuled the countries if they are able to pay their bills or not – but how look on this who live in extrem poverty & to those who starve to death and what will happen to those who can not longer pay their bills?
What will happen with the countries who can not pay their bills?

Slowly but Surley they poverty will grow and grow and also in those Countries with currently a so called good life-standard will get poorer and poorer – this will happen because this is the basic of our current money-system. It is a Debt-Based money – each Dollar, Euro, Rupee or whichever currency is based on debt. For instance you get 100 euro from the banch you have to pay back 106 euro but the 6 euro do not really exist but it will expacted.
So you have to take from someone else the 6 euro but then by this person will absence – so this one will get poorer ……

Common Sense this money-system do not work for all – only a few can live in wealth but the rest has to fight for survive.

Desteni works already on a Money-System – an Equal Money System which works for the best benefit for all.

Join us on http://equalmoney.org and study the material to understand how it works.




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